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Pepe Revolution

Pepe Revolution is set to take the crypto world by storm with its revolutionary changeable rewards. That’s right, you heard it here first, folks – we’re the first-ever meme coin to offer dynamically changing rewards, we are starting in both BUSD and DOGE! And can change it to different rewards based on the market.




Stealth Launched!


How To Buy Pepe Revolution

Our Documents

Our Tokenomics

Double Rewards

Earn massive double rewards in BUSD and DOGE, as holders from each transaction (2% buy and 3% sell)


Deep Liquidty Injection 4% every transaction, we are here for the long term for the community

Marketing and Strategy

2% Distributed to Marketing and Strategic partnership

Staking Platform

2% reflection to the staking platform from each transaction to keep the Staking Platform producing massive APY%

Pepe Revolution Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Development of the entirety of our community, social media and website.
  • Development of our exclusive smart contracts for our token.
  • Development of our locked interactive contract for the staking.
  • Develop telegram group and telegram announcement channel.
  • Create a team of PepeRevolution to support the Devs and creator.

Phase 2

  • Listing on Pancakeswap with our stealth launch
  • Massive Airdrop Giveaways
  • Launch our Full Marketing Strategy after our launch.
  • Audit of our smart contract.
  • Launch our staking platform in one week our token launch earn massive APY%
  • Apply for listing on CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko after launch.
  • Grow the Telegram group to 2000 holders.
  • Grow the Twitter group to 1500 followers.
  • By the end of phase 2 to have 500 investors (BscScan Verified)

Phase 3

  • Listing on pages Nomics price, Binance price, and live coin after launch.
  • Change the rewards program of our token with community feedback.
  • Listing on multiple exchanges.
  • Start development of our wallet application.
  • Limited release of 1000 pepe Revolution NFT based on project success.

Phase 4

  • Development of exciting interactive games.
  • Sign partnerships and collaboration with top brands in Crypto Space
  • Partnership with Mastercard.
  • Staking with higher reward through our innovations.

Frequently Asked Question

We are working tirelessly to source new marketing partnerships and achieve new listings; refer to our roadmap and viewed pinned TG messages to keep up to date with our current marketing efforts and update!

Make sure your slippage tolerance is set to at least 12%, and increase it to 18% or higher if necessary. If issues persist message PepeRevolution on TG or reach out via other socials.

Buy PepeRevolution, shill our marketing in other TG chats, comment on our promoted posts, spread the word on other social medias, tell all your friends, make an optional donation, and more to do your part taking PepeRevolution to the moon!

Join Our Community

Join our active community to chat in the telegram and ask us questions! We’re increasing our moderator staff for 24/7 support; be on the lookout for impersonators and never give out your wallet information

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